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Recipe: Yummy Banana Spring Roll

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Banana Spring Roll. You can find spring roll wrappers in most asian or indian supermarkets. Peel bananas, and slice them in half lengthwise, then crosswise into fourths. Easy banana dessert with only three ingredients: banana, spring roll wrapper, and coconut palm sugar.

Banana Spring Roll A copycat recipe that are just as delicious, crispy and savory bites like. Six warm, crispy bites of banana, caramel-vanilla drizzle, coconut-pineapple ice cream. See more ideas about Banana spring rolls, Spring rolls, Asian desserts. You can have Banana Spring Roll using 4 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

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Ingredients of Banana Spring Roll

  1. You need 4 buah of pisang kepok, jgn yg terlalu mateng.
  2. It’s secukupnya of Kulit pangsit.
  3. It’s of Coklat batangan, di-tim.
  4. You need secukupnya of Keju parut.

Three ingredients (plantain/banana, spring roll wrappers, and coconut palm sugar) are all you need to make these. Turon is a banana spring roll that is popular in the Philippines as a street snack. It's a very easy recipe to do and lots of fun to make. Banana spring rolls are best made with pisang emas, which softens into a gooey centre when cooked.

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Banana Spring Roll instructions

  1. Belah pisang menjadi dua bagian, lalu potong memanjang seukuran jari telunjuk..
  2. Potong Kulit pangsit/dibagi dua.
  3. Gulung pisang di atas kulit pangsit ukuran setengah, seperti bentuk semprong..
  4. Goreng pisang yg sudah dibungkus di api kecil sebentar saja, hati-hati gosong. Angkat. Tiriskan..
  5. Tim coklat hingga mencair..
  6. Parut keju sebagai toping.
  7. Oleskan coklat cair di atas spring roll pisang yang sudah digoreng. Dan taburkan keju. Ulangi hingga spring roll pisang terakhir. Sajikan 😊..
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If you get pisang emas, then you'd only need to slice them in half. I managed to get pisang berangan. If you love banana fritters for breakfast, then try this recipe for sweet Filipino caramelised banana spring rolls. Popular as a street snack, they're easy to make, and you can alter the filling as you desire. The crispiness of the spring roll wrapper makes it the perfect vehicle for the ooey gooey warm banana and Nutella filling.

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