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Recipe: Tasty No cheese,mayonnaise pizza

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No cheese,mayonnaise pizza. fast food recipe by hunger timeout by jemie devesh. Finde was du suchst – erstklassig & genial. The Best Mayonnaise Pizza Recipes on Yummly

No cheese,mayonnaise pizza This recipe is based on my friend Paige Meszaros' creation. By posting a picture of pizza topped with peas and mayonnaise. Shockingly, this man did not accompany said picture with a tweet along the lines of 'WHAT IS THIS ABOMINATION?' or 'DESTROY THIS MESS'. You can have No cheese,mayonnaise pizza using 10 ingredients and 27 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of No cheese,mayonnaise pizza

  1. You need of Corn flour.
  2. It’s of Flour.
  3. Prepare of Oil/ ghee.
  4. Prepare of Butter.
  5. It’s of Milk (powder/liquid).
  6. You need of Toppings.
  7. You need of Curd (sour).
  8. Prepare of Salt.
  9. Prepare of Sugar.
  10. Prepare of Pizza sauce/sauce.
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Instead, he wrote: 'peas and mayonnaise pizza?! Yes please!' This man is a monster. But mayonnaise doesn't go in your grilled cheese sandwich, it goes on top of it. Chefs of all stripes swear by this trick (Gabrielle Hamilton and Paula Deen both approve), which involves slathering the We're on board with trying a mayonnaise-y grilled cheese sandwich.

No cheese,mayonnaise pizza step by step

  1. Take a bolw.
  2. Take 1/4 table spoon corn flour and flour.
  3. Take 1 teaspoon ghee/oil.
  4. 3 tablespoon butter.
  5. Milk and salt.
  6. 1 half tablespoon sugar.
  7. Then mix it then it will be a dough.
  8. If you see that the dough is little bit sticky you can take little drop of water.
  9. Keep the dough with a wrapper for 30 minute.
  10. Take another bowl on stove.
  11. Put liquid milk and flour but don't burn it!.
  12. 2 tablespoon butter.
  13. 2 teaspoon ghee.
  14. See the ingredients are they melted if the are melted off the stove keep it a side.
  15. Take a plate put some ghee on the plate then keep it a side.
  16. Take the dough if it is 30 minutes.
  17. Then make he dough round.
  18. Put some white sauce which you made.
  19. Put some pizza sauce/ sauce.
  20. Put some toppings.
  21. Again put some white sauce which you made.
  22. Put some toppings.
  23. Then put it in the oven for 20 minutes.
  24. Wait 20 minutes.
  25. Then take out the pizza from the oven.
  26. Then eat.
  27. Comment down below how was it's tasteπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡.
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Do you like pizzas with mayonnaise? Or does the taste of mayonnaise completely turn you away from eating it? Although I'm not sure if there's any pizza toppings. I think it would be ok for me as long as it's not overdone. Let's just think that it can be put in a bun with some ham on it and cheese, why not.

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