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Recipe: Yummy Air Fryer Hard 'Boiled' Eggs

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Air Fryer Hard 'Boiled' Eggs.

Air Fryer Hard 'Boiled' Eggs You can have Air Fryer Hard 'Boiled' Eggs using 1 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Air Fryer Hard 'Boiled' Eggs

  1. Prepare of Raw Eggs.

Air Fryer Hard 'Boiled' Eggs instructions

  1. Place raw eggs in a rack and set in your air fryer basket..
  2. Set air fryer to 260°F and 16 minutes..
  3. Remove and transfer to ice cold water for around 10 minutes to peel easy. If you don't want to wait, run it under cold water and peel..
  4. Season and enjoy, or make an egg salad!.
  5. Note: This is using a 1500w Air Fryer. Test an egg first for doneness before removing to an ice bath. If they need more time, add by 2 minutes..
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